Live Event: Nov. 18-20 Overall Event: Ends Feb. 26, 2021

Exhibit at Inter BEE 2020 that supports your network with new clients!

  • Point 1Support development of new clientele from a wide range of demographic!

    Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE will increase in content using the offcial Inter BEE website as the foundation,which cites 537,818 site visits (last year's results).
    You can create new communication opportunities, such as sales promotion,PR and information exchange, for existing users as well as new target users in Japan and aboard.
    In addition, we will also work with our global partners to actively disseminate information overseas.

  • Point 2Get diverse visitor information!

    We will provide log-in visitor information and attribute information that can be used for sales promotionactivities after the event. You can find out the interest of visitors for each product or service.
    ▶① Data on visitors who watched the video.
    ▶② Data of visitors who downloaded the documents
    ▶③ Data of visitors who visited the exhibitor's detail page (after login)
    ※If a visitor wishes to opt-out (refusal of provision to third parties), we may not be able to provide the data of the person in question.

  • Point 3Launch your new product at Inter BEE ONLINE!

    Exhibitor detail pages can include lots of images and videos to maximize the appeal of your exhibitors' products!
    In addition, a variety of optional services allow for multifaceted information dissemination and PR, allowing for efcient and efective new product introductions to the many visitors to Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE.
    Furthermore, our extensive exhibition support allows you to exhibit online for the first time with confidence.

  • Point 4Inter BEE is the focus of media and entertainment industry users,and that's why we are here to communicate and attract visitors!

    Inter BEE attracts 40,000 media and entertainment industry users every year.We will promote the event to 78,000 registered members of the industry by e-mail magazine andannouncements on the ofcial SNS and other promotional activities.
    By collaborating with broadcasting-related organizations, holding the event simultaneously with DCEXPO, and implementing forums and special events, as well as live broadcasts,in conjunction with industry organizations. Inter BEE is able to disseminate information and attract visitors in a way that is unique to the event.

Overall composition of Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE

We'll have an exhibit area and live studio,a variety of projects and conferences to enhance the online event!

  • Exhibit Area

    A place for exhibitors to advertise products, give demonstrations and presentations,download materials, and direct visitors to their own websites, while expressing individuality and special features to transmit, interact and acquire customer information.Expand sales promotion opportunities by attracting customers from a wide range of media outlets.

  • Studio Live

    During the three days of the exhibition, the studio will be broadcasting live.It will introduce each session such as FORUM and special exhibitions,as well as the highlights of the products on display.
    A talk show with guests and exhibitor commercials will also be broadcast.

  • Conference

    • Three days of keynote speeches and sessions delivered by industry associations.The sessions will be multifaceted and aimed at creating new content in the new normal society.

    • Online seminars by exhibitors.
      We attract diverse audiences by sending out advance notice via email newsletters and Studio Live during the event.

    • Special Exhibition

      • A variety of opinion pieces on the latest trends in media and content in the new normal society.

      • The industries communicate new forms of media and entertainment as well as attempts at content creation.

      • The latest information on the role of visual content and various creative endeavors in the future society.

      • Aiming to relaunch live entertainment,the acoustic demos are now online.

      • Diversified Video and Video Content Production.Production support tutorials for diverse producers.

      • Broadcast technology that is becoming IP and case studies.Connecting to business beyond sharing of issues.

    • Simultaneous Events/Industry Collaboration Project

      The Digital Content Expo, which focuses on cutting-edge content technologies, and the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Conference,where commercial broadcasters from all over Japan will present their latest technologies, will be held simultaneously at Inter BEE ONLINE.
      In addition, many other industry associations that support the media and entertainment industry will be working together.

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