Live Event: Nov. 18-20 Overall Event: Ends Feb. 26, 2021

Exhibition Guideline

Please click here to download the Exhibition Guide and Application Form.

Exhibitor Categories

  • Professional Audio Equipment
  • Video Expression/Professional Lighting
  • Video Production/Broadcast Equipment
  • ICT/Cross-Media

Exhibition Fee

Exhibition Plan Fee (Tax incl.) Exhibition Area/
Entrance Page
Image Size
Exhibitor Details Provide
visitor data
Original page
Number of
products listed
Number of
videos posted
Number of
DL Document
Premium Plan 1,980,000 yen Large 15 9 12
Standard Plan 880,000 yen Medium 10 6 9 ×
Basic Plan 330,000 yen Small 5 3 6 ×

Learn more about original page integration (iframe)

  • プレミアムプラン
  • スタンダードプラン
  • ベーシックプラン

What is included in the exhibition fee

  • Listing of the exhibitor's name in the exhibiting area.
  • An exhibitor page in the exhibition area. (One page each in English and Japanese.)
  • Provide visitor data.

    ○ Providing visitor data that refers to a page with an embedded demo/presentation video.
    ○ Provision of visitor data from pages with embedded demo/presentation videos.
    ○ Provision of visitor data from the page of embedded demo/presentation video.
     ※Only information on visitors who have opted in will be provided. Please note that only the information of visitors who have opted in will be provided, not those who have opted out.
     ※The visitor data will be delivered three times on the following schedule.
      1st data delivery date, for the period November 18 – 20, is November 25 (Wed)
      2nd data delivery date, for the period November 18 – December 18, is December 22 (Tue)
      3rd data delivery date, for the period November 18 – February 26, 2021, is March 2, 2021 (Wed)

Exhibit Regulations

Deadline for application for exhibition: 30 September 2020 (Wednesday)
  • ・Exhibitor pages is limited to one per application. The maximum number of joint exhibitors is two.
  • ・Applying for multiple category and creating multiple page are allowed.
  • ・Cancellation and change of exhibition: 100% of the exhibition fee after 2 November 2020.(Monday)


October 1(Thu) Exhibitors' website opens
Early October Live event plan and program announced
October 30 (Fri) Deadline for payment of the exhibition fee
November 18 (Wed) Exhibitor's page will be open
Exhibition Period Opening period: November 18 (Wed) - February 26, 2021(Fri)
Live Event: November 18 (Wed) - 20 (Fri)

How to apply

To apply for an exhibition or to make a contract, please fill in the information required on the Exhibition Application and Contract Form and submit it to the Association.
You can download the application form and contract form from the offcial Inter BEE website. You can also apply via the online application form. Please download the optional application form on a separate sheet of paper from the offcial Inter BEE website.

Contact: Japan Electronics Show Association

Ote Center Building, 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan