Live Event: Nov. 18-20 Overall Event: Ends Feb. 26, 2021


Exhibitor Details

(3) Free HTML space
Can I use the <iframe> tag in "Free HTML space" for Premium, Standard and Basic plan?
The <iframe> tag can be used by all exhibitors in free HTML space, regardless of the plan.
Is there a limit to the amount we enter to the description?
The number of characters that can be entered in the free HTML field is limited to 3,000 characters. (Full-width and Half-width characters are also counted as one character.) The total number of text and HTML tags must be within the limit above.
※However, if you use an iframe, only the description of iframe tags will be subject to the limit. iframe's maximum display area is 600px in height and 1,020px in width. If the content exceeds the above area, it will be scrolled inline.
(5) Exhibit Products/Services
Is it possible to link an external URL in the "Exhibited Products/Services"?
Yes, external links are possible.
Is the data for downloadable documents and product/services uploaded to the organizers server? If so, is there a limit to the size?
The maximum file formats and sizes that can be uploaded are as follows
File format: PDF, JPG, PNG, Excel Word, PowerPoint
Capacity: Up to 10MB
Is it possible to edit the text, images, videos, etc. on the exhibition page?
You are able change/edit the text, images, videos, etc. on the exhibition pages at any time after they have been uploaded and exhibited.
If the product banner is clicked would the visitors be directed to a product page provded by Inter BEE or will the exhibitor prepare the product pages?
It will not be possible to click the product photos to direct visitors to your companies site. Although, you can include an external link in the description using the HTML tag.
Is there a fixed frame size for the product image and the description text?
The frame height varies depending on the content you provide, and range from the following maximum characters you are able to enter.
※Maximum number of characters: 2000 english characters.
※Line breaks and spaces are included in the maximum number of characters.
(6) Contact Information
Is it possible to have multiple "(6) Contact Information"?
You are only able to register one e-mail address and one phone number.
You are able to include e-mail address, phone number, and contact form to the ""Contact Information."" The e-mail address is required, but any other items that are blank will be hidden from your page.
(7) Demonstration and presentation videos
Will the demonstration/preentation videos be uploaded to the website through the exhibitor's Youtube and other accounts?
Yes, demonstrations and presentations will be uploaded to the streaming platform through each exhibitor's account. In addition, the Secretariat will provide free support for video file uploads.
Chat function
What will be the service for the chat function?
Generally, you will have to provide your own chat tool and embed the chat function using the embedding code.
Are there any bots for the chat function?
Generally, you will have to provide your own chat tool and embed the chat function using the embedding code.
Therefore, please check your chat tool is a bot option exist.
About iframe
Please be more specific with <iframe>.
For exhibitors who wish to customize their exhibitor details page, we provide an iframe display method, which is only available with the Premium Plan.
Please note that you will not be able to get the data of visitors who watch videos or download materials from iframe pages.
For details, please refer to the attached file.
File format and size of the document download
Is there a specific file format and size for downloadable documents?
File formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Maximum size: 10MB
About Video
Is there a limit to the length and specification to the video?
We do not have anything to designate as a secretariat.
Please refer to the following help page for more information on uploading videos to YouTube and Vimeo.
Is it possible to post directly to the InterBEE Online site without using an external streaming site(Youtube, Vimeo, etc)?
We need the URL generated when you upload a video, so we are unable to embed the video directly into the site.
If it is physically difficult to upload a video, please let us know and we can upload the video for you.
Will each exhbitor be free to create their pre-recorded videos?
Exhibitors will be free to create their videos as they see fit.
As for the content of the video, please feel free to create them at your own discretion, except for content that are prohibited for broadcasting, illegal or unethical.
We, the Inter BEE secretariat, will not review the content in advance.
Video Streaming Platform
Which video streaming site do you use for the exhibitor seminars, keynote speeches, live studio, and video advertising?
We will be using Vimeo.
Could we use any streaming platform be used within the Exhbitors page using <iframe>.
Yes, any streaming site will be applicable when using the iframe.

Application Method

About application for the exhibition
Is there any advantage to applying early?
The order in which you sign up does not determine the priority of your online location.


Chat function
Can you explain the chat service?
We can provide you with a free chat tool ( provided by hubspot).
However, you will get your own hubspot account and we will incorporate it into the page.
The bot function is not implemented as a basic function here as well.
※There is a bot function but we aren's able to support the settings. We appreciate your understanding
Can I resume chat if a visitor leaves and revisits?
Please check the specifications of the chat tool you have prepared for your company.
If you use hubspot, the content of your contacts will not be lost and can be viewed on the hubspot management screen.
In addition, please note that if a visitor has left the site, you will not be able to resume the conversation even if they return.
Will it be possible to disable the chat function in the hours we are not able to respond?
Please check the specifications of the chat tool you have prepared.
If you are using hubspot, you can set up any of the following
A.Hide the chat.
B. Post a message (e.g.""It is after working hours, please send your questions or concern to the following contact"", etc)